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Garry Below, you will see a list of our current pheromones, perfumes, and colognes for gay men to attract men.

These products are based on Swedish research that scanned the brains of gay men while they were being exposed to different pheromones. These scans revealed that the pleasure centers of the homosexual brain light up only when exposed to certain pheromones. In particular gay men's pleasure centers activated when exposed to the pheromones of dominant healthy straight males. The reaction was very similar to the brain pattern of heterosexual women. Our homosexual formulas were created using the information provided by the above mentioned research.

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Kane Pheromone Gel for Gay MenKane Gel Pheromones Unscented
Nude Alpha Pheromones for Gay MenNude Alpha Pheromones Unscented
Nude Pheromones for Gay MenNude Pheromones Unscented
Possess Alpha Pheromones for Gay MenPossess Alpha Scented
Possess Pheromones for Gay MenPossess Pheromones Scented
Hypnotica Social Pheromones Hypnotica Social Unscented
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