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Garry Here, you will find our pheromones and perfumes for Transgender Men.

Very few people realize the fact that transsexuals deal with a pheromone contradiction that causes apprehension in men. This is because while they may look like a woman, their Pheromonal production is still that of a man. Transsexual women therefore still produce the 'wrong' pheromones which can make men uncomfortable and some men very uncomfortable.

What we have done is created an amazing pheromone formula that not only adds the pheromones that are missing but hides the wrong pheromones that are being naturally produced. This effectively prevents the mixed-signals attributable to the 'wrong' pheromones, thereby making men far more comfortable and receptive to intimacy. Not only does this formula reproduce the natural pheromone signature of a woman, but creates a pheromone effect many times greater than nature ever intended, versus a women's natural pheromones.

Without this formula there will always be some level of discomfort by males due to the 'wrong' pheromone signature..

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Nude for Transgender Nude Transgendered Pheromones Unscented
Possess Pheromone Perfume for TransgenderPossess Transgendered Pheromones Scented
Passion Copulins ConcentratePassion Copulin Concentrate Scented
Hypnotica Social Pheromones Hypnotica Social Unscented
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