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Nude Pheromones for Gay MenNUDE Pheromones for Gay Men

is a fragrance-free alcohol free multiple pheromone creation intended to be used with any cologne you choose.

As homosexual men were shown to be most attracted to heterosexual men's pheromones and heterosexual men are made nervous by homosexual pheromones.

You may be asking yourself,"What is this going to do for me?"

  1. You will produce a strong straight male scent signature
  2. People will feel more comfortable with you near them
  3. People will listen to you more than normal
  4. Gay men will be more attracted towards you
  5. You will give the impression of being fit and healthy
  6. You will appear more attractive to gay and bisexual men than you actually are
  7. You will appear to be a male of higher rank
  8. Gay men will bond with you on deep level and they won't be able to understand why

Get it now, because it takes action to get action.

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