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Garry Below, you will see a list of our current pheromones, perfumes, and colognes for men to attract women.

Select any image for detailed information on that pheromone product.

Voodoo Pheromones Voodoo Pheromones Scented
Bad Wolf Pheromones Bad Wolf Scented
SXD-9 Pheromone Gel SXD-9 Unscented
Max-t-150 Copulins Stick Max-T-150 Copulins Stick Scented
Asian Pheromones Asian Pheromones Unscented
Asian Pheromones for Asian Men Asian For Asian Men Unscented
Overdose Pheromone Gel Overdose Pheromone Gel Unscented
Hypnotica Social Pheromones Hypnotica Social Unscented
Aqua Vitae Pheromone Colgne Aqua Vitae Pheromones Scented
Aqua Vitae Unscented Pheromones Aqua Vitae Pheromones Unscented
Aqua Vitae Unscented Pheromones Aqua Vitae Pheromones Unscented
Nude Alpha PheromonesNude Alpha Pheromones Unscented
Nude Alpha Pheromone GelNude Alpha Pheromone Gel Unscented
Wolf Pheromone CologneWolf Pheromones Scented
Nude PheromonesNude Pheromones Unscented
Possess Alpha PheromonesPossess Alpha Scented
Possess Pheromone ColognePossess Pheromones Scented
Primitive Pheromone OilPrimitive Pheromones Unscented
Dirty Primitive Pheromone OilDirty Primitive Pheromones Unscented
Lucky 7 Royal Pheromone oilLucky 7 Royal Unscented
Lucky 7 Pheromone OilLucky 7 Pheromones Unscented
Alter Ego PheromonesAlter Ego Pheromones Scented
Passion Pheromone AttractantPassion Pheromone Attractant Scented
AFA PheromonesAFA Pheromones Unscented
Men's Pheromones
Women's Pheromones
Gay Men's Pheromones
Lesbian's Pheromones
Transgendered Pheros
Social Power Pheros
Unmixed Pheromones
Cover Scents
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