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Passion Attractant for WomenPassion Pheromone Attractant

for women has a very light, fresh, clean, fragrance suitable for day or night wear

Passion Pheromone Attractant is the Stone Labs flagship product with a total of 2.25 mg of pheromones per half ounce (15 mg) bottle.

Biogeneticists have located and isolated theV1RL1 gene that is the encoding mechanism in humans. Stimulation of this gene by pheromones activates our natural mating instincts. The concentrated 5- alpha with high levels of Copulin pheromone in PASSION triggers the V1RL1 gene in humans. PASSION Pheromone Attractant setting the standard in REAL Lab Certified, Pure Pheromone products, formulated under strict laboratory standards.

Now as fun as all the science is, it is more important to know that you will attract men when using this product. You will be enhanced, and that is why we wear perfume in the first place? Dont be shy, buy a bottle now.
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