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ESTRATETRAENOL Estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol

Estratetraenol is a chemical produced by females that has shown pheromone like behavior in primates and humans. It is an offshoot of the sex hormone estrodial, an estrogen, that has no known estrogenic effects.

Women respond psychologically to Estratetraenol. The data on men support the same conclusion: that Estratetraenol affected a variety of psychological states noticeable in a natural location as well as in the laboratory and that Estratetraenols effects were not sex-exclusive. The vomeronasal epithelium of men responded to Estratetraenol. Estratetraenol instantly amplified amphetamine and morphine-like states while reducing fatigue. (Berliner, 1994; Monti-Bloch and Grosser, 1991)

Social reconnaissance suggests that Estratetraenol works as a socially uplifting pheromone that can energize as well as relax simultaneously.  

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