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Androsterone Alpha

Androsterone 3-alpha-Hydroxy-5-alpha-androstan-17-one

Androsterone has only been identified in humans. Its consideration as a pheromone has occurred because of the fact that men with a higher ratio of Androsterone to Etiocholanone are more masculine.

Homosexual men have lower ratios of Androsterone to Etiocholanone. Thus, Androsterone makes a man appear extra masculine and or dominant, but without the aggressive aura of Androstenone.

This pheromone can give people a feeling of being protected. The wearer should give the aura of reliability normally found in a peaceful or protector alpha male. Androsterone also provides the respect of Androstenone devoid of the potential negative connotations of the aggressive nature of Androstenone. It is better to be a protector than an attacker.

Androsterone has demonstrated the ability to elevate the moods of women.

IT has been suggested that Androsterone may assist other pheromones in their effectiveness.

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