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Androstanol Alpha

Alpha-Androstenol (5alpha-androst-16-en-3-ol)

Alpha-Androstenol is produced by both men and women and does have significant affects on both sexes, as the wearer appears more approachable. People just get comfortable with you. It has been reported to create a fun upbeat talkative vibe.

In a test at the University Of Warwick, Androstenol exposed men and women both rated women as sexier, warmer, and more attractive than when they were not exposed to Alpha-Androstenol. However, women also rated men wearing Alpha-Androstenol consistently higher on the attractiveness scale while men consistently downgraded other men wearing Androstenol.

Women who are exposed to Alpha-Androstenol tend to initiate social contact with males, and are more likely to be friendly and receptive to males initiating contact with them. Androstenol does cause talkativeness in females, sometimes to the extreme.

Personal Note: Certain females will talk until their lips fall off when I wear this, which can be fun if you are social and humorous.

Alpha Androstenol has a musky sweaty aromatic scent. Some say that it smells very much like sandalwood.


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